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Zscaler Internet Access™ (ZIA) for Falcon


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Stop advanced attacks and prevent data loss

ZIA™ integrates with CrowdStrike Falcon Insight XDR to leverage the Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA) score to make sure only authenticated users with trusted devices are allowed to access critical internet applications everywhere; CrowdStrike also shares threat intelligence with ZIA so that ZIA can block threats inline, increasing cross-platform visibility and defense capabilities.  Zscaler Sandbox intercepts zero-day malware inline and shares telemetry with CrowdStrike for faster detection and response.

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    Adaptive ZTA to all internet apps based on device health

    Provides the ability to assess device health and automatically implement appropriate access policies

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    Threat intelligence and telemetry sharing

    Cross platform visibility, proactive threat prevention with unparalleled speed and agility

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    Rapid zero-day threat detection and remediation

    End-to-end visibility and rapid response via inline sandbox detection to reduce risk and minimize attack surface exposure

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