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Medigate Device Security Platform (MDSP)


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This joint solution delivers a single pane of glass for seeing and securing the entire connected device landscape of an HDO

The Medigate integration with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform provides healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) with an holistic and accurate picture of all of their connected assets and the risk they pose to their environment so that they can focus on taking appropriate mitigation and remediation steps to reduce this risk.

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    Contextualized network policy management

    Don't stop at discovering the devices on your network. Medigate has out-of-the-box network policy recommendations (ACLs) for enforcement and risk mitigation purposes for all IoT/IoMT devices.

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    Clinical cyber hygiene

    Medigate and CrowdStrike generate a holistic view of the risk that the HDOs connected devices pose to the enterprise taking into consideration their vulnerability, network connectivity and healthcare contextualized severity of harm.

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    Clinical asset management

    Medigate and CrowdStrike leave no device uncovered. Together the two solutions discover and maintain a consolidated best-in-class inventory for all HDOs connected devices.

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