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Netskope Cloud Access Security Broker for Falcon LogScale


Simplify cloud security through improved visibility and streamlined threat detection

Effortlessly integrate Netskope CASB logs into CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale using a pre-built package for better cloud app insights and threat management. The Netskope CASB package enables easy storage and analysis of incoming logs, enhancing visibility and the ability to identify threats effectively.

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    Enhance visibility

    Seamlessly ingest and store Netskope CASB logs in Falcon LogScale’s centralized log management platform with available parsers for Netskope syslog CEF data to improve threat visibility and enable you to extract valuable insights

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    Access dashboard visualizations

    Efficiently and easily monitor Netskope CASB logs with pre-built dashboards that cover overall CASB activity, alerts, and detections

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