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Zscaler Internet Access™ for Falcon LogScale


Enhanced insights with real-time logs for improved threat detection

Elevate threat detection and response using ZIA™ data in CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale. By real-time streaming of ZIA logs to Falcon LogScale, enjoy heightened Security Service Edge (SSE) visibility, alerting, cross-log correlation, and extended storage for more effective threat hunting, featuring tailored parsers and dashboards.

  1. 01

    Unify visibility in a single console

    Effortlessly integrate and store ZIA logs in Falcon LogScale’s central log management platform. This includes supporting default ZIA log formats in Falcon LogScale’s HTTP Event Collector (HEC) for enhanced visibility and better threat detection and response

  2. 02

    Visualize your data

    Efficiently monitor ZIA event logs through pre-built dashboards. These dashboards provide quick overviews of critical events across web traffic, web access control, firewall activities, and CASB functions

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